Created in 1950, Llorens|gmr is today a company expert in waste management for all types of businesses and sectors. Our activity includes all processes required for this task: storage, collection, transportation, separation, waste, recycling… Our goal? To offer you a comprehensive service totally customized, looking for maximum comfort for you and applying the most rigorous rules so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The regulation of Government is becoming more and more strict with regard to sustainability and conservation and respect for the environment. In Llorensgmr we adapt our services to your needs with regards to the whole process, you like to alliberan the work that involves the operation of these rules.

Llorens|gmr has extensive facilities and the most advanced and varied machinery to treat large volumes of waste with maximum speed and efficiency. Also, we have a flexible logistics system of work that allows us to take small orders with the same effectiveness.

We offer you the best options of storage and collection in order to make the most of the sorting at source. We guarantee the installation of equipment of last generation (with their relevant tasks of maintenance and cleaning) adapted to the need and the disposal of waste segregation area.

To this is added a team of highly qualified professionals that operate with the most demanding work methodologies, ensuring a highly service eficie.

Llorens|gmr innovative attitude has led us to develop a concept of global service, creating three specialty brands that meet all the needs of the customer in the most efficient manner:

Llorens|gmr: Manager of recyclable material.
Llorens|rp: hazardous waste management. Environmental advice.
Llorens|dc: destruction of confidential material.