Commitment to society and the environment has led to public administrations to adopt various regulations aimed at improving the environment and the health of persons. This has led to the introduction of much stricter legislation on the treatment of waste.

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Whatever your activity, Llorens|gmr offers a comprehensive waste management that allows you to get the most out of each one of the processes related to the management of waste:

  •  Advice to minimize the generation of surpluses.
  •  Offering you all the means to facilitate the separation of waste at source.
  • We help place intermediate containers for waste segregation.
  •  Comfortable, agile and safe pick up service.
  •  Taking all measures for optimal recycling, recovery or destruction of leftovers.
  •  Compliance with the law, trying every material pursuant to avoid any kind of sanction.
  •  Maximum concern for ecology.
  • We provide systems of segregation and compaction that reduce the “CO2 footprint”.
  • Segregation systems that guarantee the landfill 0, in the measurement of the properties of the residue.
  •  Management of all the procedures of documentation requiring certain waste management.